Company Name: Futurae Technologies AG

Founders: Sandra Tobler, Nikos Karapanos, Claudio Marforio

Founded when and where: 13.12.2016, Zürich

Your solution in short: Futurae offers a strong authentication suite to protect companies and their customers’ data online. The products offer a high level of usability, without compromising on security.

What we do how we do it: Futurae supports companies with an authentication suite that offers hands-off AI-assisted authentication and regulatory compliant products (e.g. PSD2), empowering employees and customers with increased productivity and a secure user experience (all based on military grade encryption). The 2FA suite (SoundProof, TOTP, QR code, Push-based) and continuous authentication solutions are simple to implement into existing IT security infrastructure (RESTful API) and comparatively cost effective (price based on monthly active users). Compared to behavioural or biometric solutions, Futurae products do not require training data or time. The hands-off authentication, SoundProof, is based on an audio comparison of ambient sound that is compared with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It requires zero user interaction while keeping a high level of security. Ultrasound is used to further improve reliability and security.

Markets: Financial, Insurance, E-health, Content providers, to name a few.

Number of employees: 6

Funding: Bootstrapped. Looking to raise a first seed round by Q1’18

Awards: ETH Entrepreneur Award (Best Innovation and Winner award, 2015), UBS Future of Finance Challenge Finalist 2015, VentureKick (I, II and III), F10 Accelerator

Why Switzerland is a great place to be a fintech startup: High density of financial players, stable environment, highly educated people, high expectations towards cybersecurity – if we can meet expectations here – we can do it anywhere