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Canton Zurich

Zurich boasts superb location attributes, including a high quality of life, fiscal attractiveness, excellent universities, proximity to Zurich Airport and a large number of international companies. Zurich is one of the most important financial centers and the third-largest insurance location in the world. Zurich’s internationally-acknowledged excellent reputation is another favorable location factor. With respect to FinTech, we see great potential for all business models in the fields of blockchain technologies, peer-to-peer learning and InsurTech.

Exclusive SFS Startup Offer

Business and Economic Development

We support, expedite and connect!

– Companies interested in relocating, from Switzerland or abroad

– Resident companies requiring assistance from the cantonal administration 

– Individuals who would like to found a company

– Work permits: processing of applications of foreign nationals

– Regulatory affairs: Implementation of the Administrative Relief Act and advice on the subject of permits

We see our role as door openers to helpful points of contact across all services.


Information for newcomers: International Schools & Relocation

Relocation: We offer guidance to companies, from the evaluation process to the start of business, click here.

Work permits for nationals from third countries (non-EU 27 / non-EFTA citizens): Work permits in the Canton of Zurich

Founding a company: How to go about setting up a company in Switzerland

Free of charge initial consulting at the Startzentrum: Everything for young entrepreneurs

Contact Details:

Eva May
Head Financial Services

Business and Economic Development
Office for Economy and Labour

Walchestrasse 19
8090 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0)43 259 49 92