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AdNovum – We’re the tech in fintech 

We build the software that helps you turn your business ideas into profitable and sustainable solutions. Founded in 1988, AdNovum has over 25 years of experience in implementing successful IT projects for demanding customers. Today, more than 500 employees in 4 countries provide a full set of IT services, ranging from IT architecture and security consulting, the conception, implementation and maintenance of customized business and security solutions to operations, maintenance and support.


Our experts can help SFS startups:

  • Validate ideas with rapid prototype development
  • Quantify time, efforts and costs involved in building and operating software solutions
  • Reduce time to market and accelerate business models with swift, efficient solution delivery
  • Focus on their businesses and customers while we deal with all matters related to technology and security

Exclusive SFS Startup Offer

Lead time, aka time to market, is a driving factor in IT today. The reasons are obvious: The faster you launch a solution, the earlier you start generating revenues. Beat your competitors and establish a network (user base) before they can, increasing their barriers to entry. Then start learning about your users rapidly (see next factor below) and plan the next version before competitors even begin.

We are the ones who help you turn your idea into a successful business. You provide the idea. We, as a one-stop shop, design and build your solution using innovative technologies, allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business. You are the CEO – let us be your Chief Information Officer.

We are uniquely experienced in working with financial startups and are familiar with the specific opportunities and challenges faced by them, and also their fast-paced, dynamic culture.

Our services for financial startups include:

  • Rapid prototype development
  • Estimations of time, efforts and/or costs involved in building and operating solutions
  • End-to-end solution design, implementation and operation
  • Professional advice in all areas of IT, including strategy and security
A technology risk analysis by AdNovum identifies the major risks a startup or growing corporation faces in terms of information technology. In joint workshops with you, our consultants will identify and assess the risks specific to your technological setup. The entire process is structured according to your requirements, priorities and business plans.

You will receive:

  • A full overview of the IT risks associated with your venture
  • An action plan, tailored to your risk appetite, with clear mitigation measures
  • Recommendations on how to further track and measure the identified risks

Thanks to their in-depth experience, AdNovum‘s business and IT consultants are able to quickly detect hot spots and recommend mitigation measures.

Contact us to take advantage of this offering to identify and assess your organization‘s risks together with AdNovum, who will document the risks and present a number of recommendations. A special startup deal is available to SFS members – just mention that you’re an SFS member.

Martin Nokes

Please put “SFS Startup Offering” in the subject of your e-mail.

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