Anca Albu got promoted to managing director of the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) begin of June 2018, at a key point in the association’s rapid growth, with an increasing numbers of investor members (over 210) and quickly rising number of investments.

“We’ve now reached a size and activity level that made it necessary to assign the responsibility for execution and operations to a managing director to have more time to work on strategy and corporate partnerships on the board level and much less on operations, especially because our board members all work pro bono.”

Anca Albu’s leadership experience accumulated by working in international environments, consulting development agencies and governments on tech ecosystems growth strategies and open source practices will be vital as SICTIC continues its ambitious growth plan of reaching 500 investor members by 2020. She had joined SICTIC as Head of Marketing and Business Development in 2017.

Having started her work with the global tech startup community back in 2010 as one of the first employees of the Startup Weekend global core team, and with a deep understanding of technology, design and over 10 years of diverse professional experience in development, strategy, operations and management, Anca brings with her an extensive network, a strong skill-set and an excellent experience in relationship building, high performance and team leadership.


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