Swiss independent crowdlending platform Acredius with booth & pitch at Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

The ability of individuals and small businesses to access affordable loans is essential to

stimulating and sustaining a healthy and innovative economy. Acredius has recognized this

need and is supplying a solution. Acredius envisions becoming Switzerland’s most successful

online lending marketplace and to tangibly contribute to the welfare of Switzerland and

enhance the growth of the country’s economy.

What we do:

Acredius is a Swiss independent crowdlending platform born in 2017. Our objective is to

match Swiss SMEs searching for a capital boost with investors who are looking to diversify

their portfolio. With Acredius each applicant will receive an instant loan offer with almost

no effort and without having to go to the bank. In our platform, private and institutional

investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in our wide range of projects, depending

on their risk appetite.

Crowdlending is an international phenomenon that is changing the economy in which we

live. Crowdlending is relatively young in the Swiss market but is expected to grow

considerably over the coming years. We are participating at the Swiss Fintech Fair to inform

and familiarize all industry stakeholders of the existence of crowdlending as an alternative

method of financing and as an innovative asset class to invest in.

Meet us at the Swiss Fintech Fair:

Our digital nature would theoretically make us only be available online. But at Acredius, we

love interacting with our clients and prospects so much, that meeting them in person is a

privilege we value a lot. We are happy to get in touch and inform any interested person

about crowdlending, p2p lending, alternative lending, etc. We'll be in the booth having the only intention to give, inform and communicate our mission of enhancing the future of the Swiss economy.

Ghassen Benhadjsalah, CEO acredius

Ghassen (English, French and fairly good German) and Jason (English, Italian, German and

fairly good French) will be in the booth having the only purpose of genuinely serving you.

Nevertheless, we would recommend setting up an appointment prior to the event by

writing to [email protected].

Moreover, Ghassen, our CEO, will be pitching during the event, so take the opportunity to

attend his presentation and ask him your most challenging questions directly in the booth.

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