AI natural language processing by recITAL at Swiss Fintech Fair 2019

reciTAL is an AI company decicated to Natural Language Processing. Our solutions allow to automate the processing of your emails, to find answer in your documents and to automatically create knowledge bases.

reciTAL team with french president Emmanuel Macron

reciTAL solutions are successfully deployed in several French banks and insurances companies (Natixis Wealth Management, Crédit Agricole, CNP). We're now proposing our products to other Financial services firms, starting with Switzerland.

Visit our booth during the Swiss Fintech Fair 2019:

We're a team of scientists and developers building and exploiting the state of the art in NLP. Using the latest improvement of deep learning, our solutions are natively multilingual, pre-trained, allowing deep language analysis and very quick deployment. They're also installed on your premises, ensuring no information ever leave your IT.

If you would like to get in touch prior to the event or schedule a meeting at our booth during the Swiss FinTech Fair, please contact: [email protected]

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