Descartes Finance is eager to present their vanguard digital finance platform

Descartes Finance wants the flagship digital finance platform DDFF (Descartes Digital Finance Framework) that we offer as an on-premise, SaaS and/or white-label solution. We engage in a dialogue with other exhibitors to expand and develop the Fintech eco-system and community.

Get to know our company, our products and the people behind Descartes Finance. We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!

We are interested in your opinion about the future of wealth management and eager to present our vanguard digital finance platform, show you the latest development in Wealthtech and Fintech.

Descartes Finance is a digital Wealthtech company offering both B2C and B2B solutions.

Private clients benefit from Descartes as it is providing direct access to renowned asset managers and their successful investment model portfolios through our easy to use digital platform. In addition, they benefit from our low commission retirement provision products.

To professional clients we offer our “Asset Management-in-a-Box” services and products. Descartes is specialized in in-sourcing parts or the entire value chain in wealth management, thus improving operational efficiency and profitability.

We are excited to be at the Swiss Fintech Fair and introduce Descartes Finance to you!

You can follow us on our social media accounts. We regularly post information and pictures about Descartes Finance and the financial markets!

Twitter: @DescartesFin

Facebook: @DescartesFinance

Instagram: @descartesfinance

See you at Swiss Fintech Fair!

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