With her reputation for financial services, Switzerland has all the ingredients to shape the future of FinTech. At the same time, regulatory overhang and the powerful traditional financial sector might slow down innovation. FinTech as a virgin development has also never undergone a financial crisis, which puts its long-term viability for customers into question. Swiss banks, entrepreneurs, investors and regulators have a unique approach to FinTech, but will the country succeed in making a name for itself in FinTech, next to the entrepreneurial epicenters in London or New York?

In FinTech Made in Switzerland, author and entrepreneur Manuel Stagars documents the fintech ecosystem in Switzerland in conversations with startup founders, innovators in the financial sector, banks, regulators, politicians, financial experts, and opinion leaders.


Interview with SFS Co-Founder & Board Member Urs Haeusler (CEO DealMarket)


Interview with SFS Co-Founder & Board Member Gian Reto à Porta & Nicolas Cepeda (Founders of Contovista)


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