#bettertogether is the claim of many successful projects in fintech, especially in Switzerland.
We talked to Roman Dinkel from inventx and to Nils Reimelt from Qontis about their collaboration.


Which Solution did you implement for Qontis?

Roman Dinkel: We operate the banking infrastructure for Qontis as an integration partner. Which means that the Qontis installation at the St. Galler Kantonalbank is completely hosted on our environment. So we can guarantee optimal Swiss data retention and Qontis can profit from our many years of IT know-how in the financial sector.


What was your biggest lesson learned while working together with inventx?

Nils Reimelt: At the beginning we underestimated the impact we’ve had on our development process. As Inventx does the application management for us and for the banks we have no direct access to our servers.
A small bug fix can have a huge impact as you need to create a new release, send it to Inventx, our contact there has to plan its deployment and if something goes wrong he will send us the logfiles back. All this starts again. Hence testing and test management already on code level became crucial.


Why did you chose Inventx?

Nils Reimelt: As a FinTech start-up company our brand is new to the market. To gain trust we decided to  go for a banking-grade hosting solution that is on equal footing with financial players like banks. Thanks to Inventx we can offer the same security and compliance that banks promise to their customers.


Is it any difference to you  working with start-up companies, than with corporations?

Roman Dinkel: FinTech start-up companies react very dynamically to changes in the market because they are very agile. This requires a straightforward and efficient approach to daily business processes. As leading digitization partners for financial institutions, we are inspired from this dynamic and innovative spirit. A typical win-win situation.


How can you help FinTech start–up companies meet regulations and FINMA requirements?

Roman Dinkel: Inventx holds many influential financial institutions from Switzerland in count. In addition to the renowned Swiss cantonal banks and others, we have welcomed Swiss Life Insurances and all Clientis banks to our customers this year. The conscientious ompliance with all FINMA requirements as well as regulatory compliances are basic requirements of our customers and are reviewed regularly. Inventx also invests in additional external certifications and audits (including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISAE 3402). We store all of our customers data in our own geo-redundant data-centres in Switzerland.

Our FinTech customers benefit from this banking conform infrastructure. So they can concentrate on product development and the go-to-market strategies and do not need to worry about FINMA requirements, regulations and IT security.


At which stage, should a start-up company approach you?

Roman Dinkel: To us it does not matter which stage a FinTech company is currently in. Our opinion is, that out of any request, resulting in a constructive discussion, could become an interesting project. Regardless whether you are a start-up company with existing products, you have a sophisticated concept or you only have an idea sketched on a bar-napkin. We are looking forward to your requests.



About Qontis 
Qontis is a FinTech partner for banks. We develop innovative software solutions to improve the customer experience of e-banking and mobile banking. We put the bank in the centre of all revenue generating services. Our Qontis Personal Finance Management platform is able to interact with the customers’ needs and provides services (e.g. reminder for the next bank appointment), offers (e.g. STUcard discounts) and products (3rd pillar pension plan).


About inventx
Inventx is the leading Swiss IT partner for banking and financial institutions, providing the knowledge of 240 IT and banking specialists (of which 100 work with our sister company Proventx AG).The company’s codex is to serve their customers with the best quality services and highest security standards, guaranteeing a secure data retention in Switzerland. The Independent Swiss IT company provides core banking solutions for Swiss private-, retail- and cantonal- banks. For more information, please visit: www.inventx.ch