The future of Switzerland is to a large extend relying on a successful financial sector. Fintech is the future of the financial sector: Fintech is the future of Switzerland! And startups are the backbone of digitization and fintech innovation. Therefore, it is our mission to define a startup friendly environment in Switzerland that is based on collaboration and a strong network and gives young entrepreneurs the support and the freedom to be creative, courageous and successfull.

Swiss Finance Startups is assigned to:

  • …represent all Swiss fintech startups and their interests in Switzerland and abroad.
  • …take on political responsibility.
  • …work on the redefinition of regulations and the legal framework.
  • …connect startups and potential partners (banking, corporates, etc.) and vice versa.


We want to position Switzerland as on one of the top fintech hubs in the world. Switzerland is a very special market that offers unique chances. With a historically grown unmatched financial sector, a long tradition of banking, a worldwide reputation for quality, and a strong economy, Switzerland has it all to develop a future-oriented, world leading financial center. Switzerland will not be looking at other expample fintech hubs, Switzerland will set an example of its own. Disruption is not only already outdated, it is also unswiss, Switzerland is and has always been an example of collaboration and teamwork. That’s why we believe that innovation in Switzerland can grow best in a collaborative and liberal environment.

We believe in