Urs Haeusler in Bern for a better fintech regulation and entrepreneurship

Roundtable with Ueli Maurer, FINMA and more to talk about a regulation setup that let’s startups thrive and the Swiss financial center become competitive.


Panel Discussion in Bern “Is Entrepreneurship in Switzerland vanishing?” with:
– Urs Haeusler (SFS/DealMarket)
– Nick Hayek (CEO Swatch Group)
– Vania Alleva (President Unia)
– Boris Zürcher (SECO)

Christina Kehl on her “Tour de Suisse” for Fintech & Startups

Christina was traveling Switzerland, meeting with various location development departments and partner organizations in order to discuss startup matters, to find the best way for more and better collaboration – all with the goal to boost fintech in Switzerland.

  • Zug: especially Crypto Valley and location development
  • Bern: Meetings in Wandelhalle
  • Swiss Bankers Association: as banks and fintech become more and more important for each other
  • Vaud: Innovaud and Chamber of Commerce
  • Geneva: Fusion


Thomas Brändle for “Focus on Future”

The Future of Business Software and “why Swiss digitization is so slow”

What does future business software look like? Why is Switzerland not making real progress when it comes to digitization? The event “focus on future” in Villa Boveri in Baden was giving at least some answers.

Thomas Brändle (RunMyAccounts/SFS) was debating the future of Business Software together with Luc Haldimann (Unblu/SwissICT) , Claudio Hintermann (Abacus) and Rolf Schumann (CTO Europe SAP).

For more info about the event go to website.