#Fintech #theSwissway

Switzerland has a long tradition of successful banking, a strong economy and a worldwide reputation for quality. This unique combination offers ideal conditions to develop one of the top fintech markets in the world. Fintech in Switzerland – on the contrary to other fintech industries in the world – is an industry that will benefit from an established and successfully running system instead of disrupting the system. Switzerland is unique and so is: #fintech #theSwissway.

In Switzerland we believe in innovation by collaboration, instead of disruption.

In Switzerland we know we are better together. Fintech startups and major companies of the established financial sector build strong partnerships.

In Switzerland we believe in #fintech #theSwissway.

  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • Courageous and forward-thinking
  • But also traditional and deeply rooted
  • Strong reputation for quality
  • Short distances and strong networks

Key fintech branches in Switzerland

Wealth Management




Fintech survey 2015 (Rolander Berger/SFS)

Key opprtunities in Swiss fintech are found in Welth Management, Security and Crypto/Blockchain

Switzerland with a long tradition of banking, a strong financial sector, and a worldwide reputation for quality has the best chances to maintain a top position in worldwide finance. All we need to do is use what we have to combine our forces and to support innovation.